Trebeyos is a multidisciplinary team interested in the activities of everyday life of past cultures and cultures from other places.

Our objectives:

  • Researching activities of other times and places with special interest in the forms of entertainment, the daily work, and their relationship with the environment.
  • Designing fun activities for all ages to learn with the challenges that these tasks propose to a modern culture, in contrast to our way of thinking and acting.
  • Adapting the results of our research into new uses for anyone to enjoy.
  • Ensuring the safety of the participants in our activities.
  • Working for sustainability from its base, adapting to the needs and possibilities of our customers, using environmentally friendly materials and resources responsibly, respecting our own rhythms and those of the people we work with.

A little history: Trebeyos began in 2012 working with games from other cultures, hence the name *. Early on we also included other activities related to the cultures we were investigating. In these years, we have worked with associations, homes for the elderly, schools, museums, interpretation centers, municipalities and the regional Council for Education. People from 3 to 95 years old have enjoyed our activities, acquired knowledge and implemented physical, cognitive and social skills, according to their own possibilities. And the journey continues ...

* Trebeyos means games and toys in Asturian language. In old Spanish, trebeios are games and in modern Spanish trebejos are chess pieces (it can also be used for toys)