people crossing a bridge over a small river

Nature and our changing relationship with it throughout the history is another the subjects of study and activity of Trebeyos.

We design indoor and outdoor activities with the objectives of:

  • Spending a fun day in nature.
  • Fostering teamwork.
  • Discovering nature as part of our immediate reality.
  • Stimulating curiosity, wit and creativity.
  • Overcoming personal limits, knowing oneself and others.
  • Developing lateral thinking.
  • Knowing part of the history of our landscapes.

Are you interested?
Some examples of activities include:
Indoor Activities:

  • Workshop: Tracking Nature - Laboral (Gijon), Xuegoland (Lena)
  • Workshops: Naturally, woman; medieval Food; Pollination and lighting; Medicinal Herbs - Centro del Intrepretación del Prerrománico Asturiano

Outdoor activities:

  • Hiking route: Mills at Ríu Profundu
  • Hiking route Gijón-Covadonga (Santa Olaya Swimming Club)

Games and workshops in Asturian language with students in Primary, Secondary and High Schools through the Concil of Education (Programa Agenda Didáctica Escolar)

plants and brewage